Hardcore Triathlete
Hardcore Triathlete

Discover the reasons why the gym is
the WORST place to build strength.

Dear Fellow Triathletes,

I know why you are here. It’s the same reason I am here – to find a way to add a strength training to your triathlon regimen program that you will actually DO. I bet you have found core routines on the internet or in magazines. I bet you had every intention of committing to it, only to lose your motivation after a few days. Sound familiar? You know what? I did it, too. We all do it because we all KNOW that core strength is important, but it’s hard to commit to something that doesn’t provide the clear, linear feedback that swim/bike/run training provides. If you commit to running, you get faster. If you commit to core strength, you slow down less. Which do YOU think is more rewarding on the surface? It’s not the one that might have the greatest impact on your career as a triathlete! Instead, it’s the one that provides instant gratification. That’s got to change TODAY if you want a long, strong triathlon career.

pricey gymsGoodbye to Pricey Gym Memberships
and Boring Weight Machines

I’m not going to try to convince you to spend an hour in the gym three days a week. I don’t want to do that, and I love strength training! I designed this program to make a difference in your triathlon career without taking time away from the important things in your life. If you can find nine minutes in your day, three days a week, you can complete this program.



Plank Super-Star!

Jessica's core exercises are never boring and never traditional. I like having a bunch of different exercises to do and a program that tells me which ones to do each week so I don't have to think them up myself. With Jessica's guidance, I have gone from only being able to hold plank for a few seconds to being able to hold plank for 2 minutes! I was also able to run pain-free for the first time in months thanks to Jessica's guidance.

Misty, FTP Coaching Client


As a triathlete, I bet you can relate to these situations:

Work and family commitments that limit training time

Desire to have a well-balanced life

No time or desire to sort through conflicting information sources to find core routines

Lack of motivation for strength training

Boredom from using the same routine over and over

Not seeing tangible results from strength training

So how about trying something different?

NO equipment

NO gym time

Less than 10 minutes at a time

Only 3 exercises a week

New exercises every week

Measureable results



Great For Coaches

Triathlon coaches know swim/bike/run like the back of our hands, but we may not be the best at creating core and strength routines.

If you want the best for your clients like I do, combine your expertise in endurance training with FTP Coaching's expertise in designing strength and core routines for triathletes to give your clients ALL the keys for triathlon success.

Andrew Dollar, USAT Level One Triathlon Coach


No time? No problem!

HardCORE Triathlete is simple and effective, and is designed to fit seamlessly into your current training plan. You can do this program:

time squeezeAs a dynamic warm up before a workout

During half-time of a football game

While watching a tv show

Before showering and getting ready in the morning

On your lunch break in your office

As a cool down after a workout

While on a walk with your family

At the park while your kids play

Not only can you get amazing results with only 28 minutes a WEEK, you will be able to MEASURE your success in a tangible way, which will keep you motivated.


Did you know?

HardCORE Triathlete will teach you everything you need to know about core strength, including:

The number ONE mistake triathletes make in core and strength training

The unique demands triathlon places on the core

The most common muscle imbalances in triathletes and the every day activities that cause them

Why “Slowing Down Less” is the key to triathlon success

How to repeat this program and continue to challenge yourself through progressions of difficulty

How to use a kettlebell, resistance bands, and medicine balls for more variety

Over 60 pictures and video to help you learn correct technique

How to get rid of low back pain forever and why some ab programs can make it worse

How to protect yourself from neck pain, IT Band syndrome, Runner’s

Knee, and other common triathlon injuries

Why core strength is the key to more power on the bike, run, and swim

woman working out with kettlebells


Is this for you? YES!

If you are wondering whether you can benefit from a HardCORE Triathlete, ask yourself these questions:

Have you suffered from an injury in the last year? If you are tired of being sidelined by nagging injuries, you NEED to work on your fundamentals before your little injuries become career-ending problems!

Are you new to the sport and want to build speed the right way? You are in an enviable position if you
are new to triathlon. You can start off on the right foot, building your speed on a solid foundation of
          rock-solid core strength. You can eliminate your limiters BEFORE they slow you down!

Are you an accomplished triathlete that wants to have an edge on your competition? If you are looking to  super-charge your results, you MUST be doing everything you can to maximize FREE SPEED! First and           foremost in that endeavor is making sure you can maintain your top speed for longer than your           competition, and that is accomplished through core strength.

Are you a triathlon coach? Do you want to give your athletes more options for core work, have a way to address your client’s muscle imbalances, learn more about core strength so you can answer questions           with confidence or offer your athletes progressive core routines as part of their coaching package? We
          can help!

100% risk free guarantee

100% Risk Free!

I want you to try HardCORE Triathlete with NO risk, so I am offering you a 100% risk-free GUARANTEE. If you do not see gains in core strength after following this program, I will give you a complete refund.



I'm So Much Stronger

My runs have improved a lot and all thanks to the workouts. The variety of strength and core workouts are excellent. Specifically the kettlebells have helped a lot in my improvement.

Chetan, Current FTP Coaching Client



Are you ready to get started?

All you have to do is click on the order link below, and you’ll be taken to the secure order page. After you fill out and submit your details, you’ll get a confirmation email and be instantly taken to the download page (No physical product is shipped, so you don’t have to wait for the snail mail).

The e-book is in Adobe Acrobat “PDF” format, which is compatible with any computer; PC or MAC. All you need is acrobat reader, which is already installed on most computers (or can be downloaded free). You don’t have to go online and “log in” to read your e-book either, you can just download the e-book right onto your computer’s hard drive and then easily read it from your computer screen any time you want.

The e-book is fully printable too, so you can take a hard copy of the photos and instructions anywhere. (Some people even get their book bound, or they just stick the pages in a 3 ring binder). You can even upload the e-book into most hand held devices and PDA’s!

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